How to Acquire the Skills You Need To Break Into a Bookkeeping Career

If you are confident working with numbers and enjoy seeing a set of figures add up, learning bookkeeping is for you. Whether you wish to secure a job in bookkeeping or set up your own bookkeeping business, studying bookkeeping will help you to develop the skills you need to break into a bookkeeping keepingYou can learn bookkeeping in a range of ways, including:

Classroom based learning

If you prefer a shared learning experience, where you study alongside other bookkeeping students, and like the idea of being in constant contact with a tutor, classroom based learning may be your ideal option. The combination of presentation, demonstration, practice and collaboration makes this learning modality one of the most popular options for studying bookkeeping. If you have recently left school or college, classroom based learning can be a natural progression as it allows you to learn bookkeeping in a similar environment to the one in which you have gained previous qualifications. If, on the other hand, you are returning to study after many years, classroom based learning can provide you with a supportive environment in which to gain the confidence you need to master bookkeeping skills.

Distance learning

If you are comfortable learning without face-to-face interaction, distance learning may be a suitable option for you. This method of learning grants you the chance to study bookkeeping outside of a classroom. It gives you the freedom to choose how, when and where you study, offering you the flexibility you need to fit learning bookkeeping into your busy schedule. In most cases, your distance learning provider will supply you with all the course materials you need to study for your chosen qualification. These may include physical course materials, such as textbooks sent to you via post, and/or online course materials, such as interactive tasks and exercises available to you via a dedicated online learning platform. As you progress through the course materials, a tutor and/or course advisor will usually provide you with guidance and feedback via phone, email or post.Most bookkeeping training providers offer you the option to study bookkeeping full- or part-time, so you can learn to become a professional bookkeeper in your own time, around your personal and professional commitments.