What Is Taking Your Company Public?

This is the time for your business, when you feel that your company is ready to spread its wings and offer stocks to the public for the first time. The exciting day when you can tangibly share a part of what you have built with others, and gain the added benefits which come from having shareholders to both invest in and care for your work.initial public offering


Also called an IPO or Initial Public Offering, taking your company to the public sector means that you are offering securities or stocks in your company and its worth. Offering an IPO usually happens after a company has made considerable progress as this article explains.

Sharing Your Company

The fastest way you can raise capital for a successful business is through issuing shares. Using the proceeds from the shares in a prudent manner can ensure steady growth, provide more funds for research and development, and acquisitions or repayment of an existing debt.

Your IPO Process

This is a brief outline of the points of importance during your IPO process. A company such as GTG will go through this process with you in order to achieve exceptional results in preparing and navigating through the process of taking your company public.

  • Advice on the best corporate structure for you – how to go from a private company to a public limited company
  • Due diligence – verifying the legal and financial position of the issuer
  • Drafting the prospectus – also known as the Offering Memorandum
  • Preparation of corporate structure – certain corporate structures must be put into place to successfully execute an IPO
  • Ongoing obligations – these are meant to safeguard the integrity of the stock market alongside continuing obligations

If it all seems like a lot to take in, you can affect the change from a private business which has capped its growth due to size and financial ability to a fully robust publicly traded company. Taking your company public does not have to be a messy and complicated time of the life of your business. Through working alongside a well respected law firm you will be assured that all the little details are being taken care of, and everything is going exactly as it should.